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New Home Design Trends

As specialists in sales of new construction, we are often hearing first hand what new design trends are influencing buyers. We’ve compiled a short list here of what our clients are looking for in newly constructed homes and neighborhoods. Builders take notes!

Classic Yet Contemporary

The new houses with the strongest sales now are those that blend both modern and traditional elements to create cleaner and simpler elevations. Buyers are shying away from the heavy detailing and ornamental looks of the past and looking for interior spaces that are clean, bright and simple.

Outdoor Living Spaces

Whether it’s a single-family home or a multi-unit building, home buyers are looking for private outdoor spaces that blend seamlessly with the indoors. Large patios that extend from the main living area of the home are now popular as well as covered porches and decks.

Cost-Effective Designs

Buyers are looking less at homes with multiple rooflines and complexity and gravitating more toward simplified forms. The straightforward gable roof and rectangular form is more appealing today. Innovative and creative approaches to layouts, floor plans, and curb appeal will have to be addressed in the early design stages so these new looks don't become boring.

Open Floor Plans

It used to be that homes with large open floor plans were limited to certain buyer profiles and larger luxury neighborhoods. Now the open floor plan is desired everywhere and by every market segment. The old formal living room is now part of a flexible space that can be used as needed while still being close to the family triangle of kitchen, family room and eating area. These new open plans rely on light and detail to give a feeling of spaciousness rather than simply being large.

Dual Master Suites

Multigenerational homes are increasing in popularity. In fact, one study indicated that the construction of such homes has jumped 30 percent in the past few years.

Buyers are now attracted to homes with "lock-off" units, two master suites (one up and one down). Amenities such as wider hallways, elevators, grab bars and other features are all becoming the norm.

Kitchen Central

As always, kitchens continue to be the center of the house. As smaller homes are becoming more popular, designers have to develop innovative solutions for storage. There's also an increasing buyer desire for large windows to keep the kitchen light, bright and airy. Walk-in pantries are also a highly desirable feature.

Green Design Elements

Buyers expect a certain level of green elements in their homes today. Items that are somewhat familiar, reduce operating costs and are easy to use are the most popular. Things like low-water toilets and sinks, better functioning furnaces, and improved insulation are all on the want list.