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Marketing Ideas for Builder Web Sites

After many years of pared-down marketing efforts, many builders are facing a brave new world of new-home sales strategies. More avenues exist for reaching the target buyer and builders need to be aware of their marketing tools and messages more than ever. Here are a few ideas and tips to maximize your budget and increase your exposure with your web presence.

The center of your universe – your website

If your marketing plan is the solar system then your website is the sun. Everything should revolve around it and hub out from this central location. All marketing efforts around the web, including social media, email campaigns, and other venues, should direct potential customers back to a well-planned site. Think about these ideas for your company web site.

Don’t offer site visitors all of the details on each home and the whole story of your new community. Giving them everything upfront allows them to make a decision without you ever having the chance to contact them. Instead, Try to hold some information back - like pricing - and don’t be afraid to experiment with different calls to action to harvest email addresses or phone numbers. Let your sales team do what they do best and follow-up with prospects.

For the same reason that your average marketing person can’t hang drywall, the average builder can’t design a web site and write effective, concise marketing copy. Hire a professional designer to create, maintain and update your web site. Hire a professional writer to write website content, create blog copy, make Facebook posts, compose email blasts, and other outlets.

Make sure your online ads are staying in front of prospective buyers by placing cookies on their computer when they visit your site. Those cookies will then track the next few sites they visit and you can place your ads on those sites to increase your reach.

Create a form on your website to gather information on what shoppers are looking for in a new home. Follow up via email with specific floor plans that fit their criteria. This gives you an opportunity to stay in touch with a qualified lead as well as providing potential new design ideas for new floor plans.