Home Selling Tips
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The Importance of Curb Appeal

Anyone who’s ever looked at a new home knows that first impressions are everything. Your home is being judged from the moment it comes into view as you drive down the street. Maximize your home’s first impression by avoiding these costly mistakes.

Driveway Clutter
Having a car or cars parked in the driveway sends an immediate message to potential buyers that the house isn't big enough to store everything, so you had to use the garage for extra space and park your vehicle outside. It's also very distracting in online photos.

Neighbors Homes
New homes are often judged by the company they keep. And your neighbor’s house also sends an impression to a potential buyer even though it’s not for sale. A home with a less-than-tidy neighbor can have a negative effect on your home. It's worth the effort to politely ask surrounding homeowners to keep their lawn mowed or even offer to help them clean up their yard.

Personal Clutter
Religious decor, lawn ornaments, toys scattered around or even piled up in a corner are a huge turn off to a buyer. Put away all of your unique and personal possessions and keep your house neat and tidy to make that great first impression.

Clean Up Your Garden Areas
We all know that gardens don’t look great out of season, but you can spruce them up by getting rid of dead leaves and plants. Well cared for flower beds and garden areas show buyers that you care about your home and work hard to keep things looking nice.

Think Low Maintenance
You've spent every free moment turning your yard into a full-fledged botanical garden until you have an entire outdoor area full of ornamentals, annuals and perennials. But remember, what is your dream garden may be a buyer's nightmare of endless weekends mowing, pruning, and weeding. Try to make that lovely landscape appear to be low-maintenance.

The rusty garage door, squeaky slider and cracked windowpane have been there so long your eyes don’t even notice them anymore. Rest assured that buyers will see these items. Spend some making some minor repairs that are highly visible to someone viewing your house for the first time.

A Fresh Coat of Paint
Most homes have some wear and tear that comes with everyday life, so it's important to consider a fresh coat of paint for certain areas. A newly painted front door and shutters gives a great welcome home feel to a potential buyer when they see your home for the first time. Opt for neutral colors rather than those that are too personal or extreme. A touch of color is good, but don’t go overboard.