25591 Baker St Black Diamond, WA

25591 Baker St Black Diamond, WA - SOLD

Black Diamond, WA
Black Diamond is 40 miles southeast of Seattle. A once booming coal mine town, Black Diamond now greats you with small town living. From ma and pa restaurants to family owned and operated business, if you want simple living, Black Diamond is calling your name.

This 1950 SF home was renovated by SBG Homes. New hardwoods, outdoor living space, and landscape fireplace are some of the special features this home has to offer.

SBG Homes

Builder - SBG Homes

For over 10 years, SBG Homes has been a trusted real estate developer. It’s been involved in a variety of projects including: property management, project performance and land development, entitlements, property preservation, residential construction and “flipping.” Founded by Chris Currey, this locally owned and operated builder specializes in quality production, meeting deadlines and staying on budget. When you work with Chris there’s no middleman. You can trust that wh...

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